The Central Palace office building is located on Karolyi Utca, in the heart of the central business district of Budapest (District V).

Most of the jurisdictional and corporate buildings are in close vicinity. The access is exceptionally easy both by public transportation and by car. Under Ground M3 (ferenciek square) Tram 2, 47, 48, 49 Bus Lines 5, 7, 9, 8e, 108e, 110, 112, 115, 133e, 178 Night lines.

The office building is easily accessible by car from both the Pest and Buda sides.


The building was built in 1885 in the center of Budapest, based on plans by architect Zsigmond Quittner. The building was originally a tenement house, on which the Centrál Café opened in 1887. The Classicist building was known by the Centrál Café. In the cafeteria occupying the entire ground floor of the building, the greatest writers of Hungarian writers and journalists were regulars, making this place a center of Hungarian spiritual life.

The glass-covered courtyard is covered with yellow limestone, giving the space a very discreet atmosphere. The inner courtyard - with the neo renascence grids of the circular corridor, plastering the court facade with a square emphasizing - is a typical type of the Pest apartment building. With a puritanic, column-like, but strong color staining, we can get a new visual attraction to the office levels. Clear floor plans, modern, discreetly solved offices are worthy of the quality of the original building.

Renovation of the building was completed in 2000. After the complete renovation, the five-storey building has been built by category bureaus, with an automatic garage of 19 car capacity, while the Centrál Café operates almost on the whole ground floor and basement. The building offers 3.500 sqm of leasable office space, while Central Cafe is occupying approx 1.500 sqm on the ground floor.

The representative office building is characterized by a high level of design and excellent central location.

The Central Cafe is one of the oldest Vienna-style café-restaurants in Pest, having opened its doors in 1887. Journalists, writers, actors, painters, musicians and university professors frequented this coffee house, as it was open 24 hours. Many famous Hungarian artists also became regulars here.

When we enter the cafe, our attention is drawn to the old photos and relics on the right-hand display, from the different times of the café and from the left-handed newspapers. On the floor, in the center of the Art Nouveau cast on the floor, there is a compass that we know: we are in the Center at the Center.

Left To the House of the Seven (old journal). Faces on the main wall Textures of Andrea Ruttka: fourteen portraits, silhouettes of Hungarian literature and culture. The black-brick profiles on the brick floor create the whole story of the cafeteria from József Kiss to Iván Mándy. The logic of the interior of the building followed in the 1900s a specimen crystallized in Vienna and Budapest: "The giant windows became obligatory, and the location of the house was important. you're sitting in the middle of the world in a safe place. "

At Centrally, nowadays, the "lobbies" shaped by the simple elegance of the wall sections between the big windows. At the "West" wing, they also share the space that seems too long, but because they are relatively low, they do not disturb the clear, transparent positions of the rooms. In front of the lodges, there are tables with marble and then with new table chairs. There is a traffic bar for both guests and coffee-house staff alike. The deep brown - on a wood-covered street in the special coffee-house - we get to the gallery at the end of the West Room, underneath which we can find the floors of the modern serving system that are directly connected to the kitchen that was pushed into the inner courtyard. There is an opportunity for special events, and here you can look at the inner courtyard. The solid green of the wood paneling and the decoration of the gold-plated gold-ornate orange make the interior color more lively, yet make it harmonious.

Central Palace has been accused by Kuantum Kft. in January 2017 relaunches Central Palace in full beauty as premium boutique office space in this unique location at the heart of the city. Let your business be part of the history, choose Central Palace.


The Central Palace is high on the list for businesses looking for a prestige address in central Budapest. This historic area offers office space, from handsome period buildings to brand new office developments, cheek by jowl with exclusive hotels, smart bars, restaurants, and galleries. If you’re looking for a flagship building in this affluent district, Central Palace will be your perfect choice.

  • building management, maintenance
  • Flexible office areas
  • Heating and cooling by 2-pipe fan coils
  • Automatic fire alarm and smoke eradication
  • 24 hours security service
  • Card-operated access control system
  • Camera monitoring system
  • Underground garage (Automated Parking, capacity of 19 cars)
  • Restaurant / café
  • Opening windows


Central Cafe

Central Cafe as one of the grandest of all historical Budapest coffee houses, the Central was not only a place for drinking coffee and nibbling cakes but a meeting place for writers, poets, editors, and artists. The coffee house functioned as a focal point of urban social life where new ideas; notions were discussed and dispersed.

Many literary works were inspired and born here at the turn of the 19th-20th and in the first half of the 20th century.The staff of the famous literary periodical, the Nyugat, were regulars here. They worked in the gallery, where the Central’s restaurant section operates today.The Centrál reached its heydays between the two world wars with famous writers Frigyes Karinthy and Lőrinc Szabó among the regular guests.

The communists did not tolerate popular and unique places like the Centrál, so they shut the place down. The grim times ended, and the Centrál Café was the first classic coffee house that reopened after the fall of the communist dictatorship in 1989. The restored café managed to recapture the grand coffee house feeling of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.


Central Palace

Address   : 1053 Budapest, Károlyi Mihály u. 9.



Phone      :+36(70)4209903

Open 8.30 a.m. - 11.30 p.m.